The policy outlined on this page applies to International Journal of Public Administration, Management and Economic Development (IJPAMED).

All manuscripts are submitted to Editorial Office of IJPAMED in electronic format (doc, docx, rtf) through e-mail

The contribution is in the first instance evaluated by the journal Editor. Only those papers that seem most likely to meet these editorial criteria are sent for formal review. The evaluation is primarily aimed at meeting the following criteria:

The Editor is allowed to reject contribution which doesn´t meet the criteria above. Manuscripts judged to be of potential interest to readers are sent for review, usually to two or three reviewers, but sometimes more if special advice is needed (for example on statistics). Peer review is an essential part of scientific discourse. Referees are expected to identify flaws, suggest improvements and assess novelty. The contribution is sent to reviewers without name of author(s), affiliation and acknowledgement. The critical reviews are prepared on the critical form.

The ideal review should answer the following questions:

It is helpful to the Editors if reviewers can advise on some of the following points:

The Editors then make a decision based on the reviewers' advice, from among several possibilities:

As far as possible, a negative review should explain to the authors the major weaknesses of their manuscript, so that rejected authors can understand the basis for the decision and see in broad terms what needs to be done to improve the manuscript for publication elsewhere.

Editors will not send a resubmitted paper back to the reviewers if it seems that the authors have not made a serious attempt to address the criticisms.

The decision to accept or reject a paper is based on comments from at least two independent reviewers. Only qualified persons evaluate reviews and make the decision to accept or reject a contribution.

Contributions which met all the criteria for approval are sent to the Editorial Board for acceptance for publishing. The Editor-in-Chief makes a final decision based on opinion of the Editorial Board.

IJPAMED editors treat the submitted manuscript and all communication with authors and referees as confidential. Authors must also treat communication with the journal as confidential: correspondence with the journal, reviewers' reports and other confidential material must not be posted on any website or otherwise publicized without prior permission from the editors, whether or not the contribution is eventually published.