International Journal of Public Administration, Management and Economic Development (IJPAMED) is published twice a year by Academy of Management and Economics. Manuscripts are accepted in English only. The maximum length of a manuscript is 15 pages using the template provided. The template contains all technical instructions for manuscript preparation and is downloadable from this website. IJPAMED is published in black and white. Therefore, consider this in manuscript preparation. To assure the protection against copyright infringement of published manuscripts, all authors will be required to sign a declaration of authorship before publishing their manuscripts.

All manuscripts are submitted to IJPAMED in electronic format (doc, docx, rtf) through email Manuscript submissions are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-Chief may reject a manuscript for several reasons: (1) the manuscript is not original; (2) the manuscript lies outside the aims and scope of IJPAMED; (3) fundamental flaws are present in the manuscript; (4) the manuscript is not prepared adequately (e.g., poor writing and organization, obscene or illegal content). All manuscripts accepted by the Editor-in-Chief are read and evaluated by two anonymous referees in a double blind review process. The referees provide comments and recommendations regarding suitability for publication. The Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board are responsible for the final decision on the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts. They may require manuscript revisions before definitely approving its publication. The results of the review are communicated to authors via email.

IJPAMED paper template download here: IJPAMED template

IJPAMED Authorship declaration download here: IJPAMED Authorship Declaration.