Specialized modules overview

The postgraduate educational MBA programme Business management and economics is designed as a two semester study with five specialized modules in each semester. The modules are arranged as they should be chronologically included in an ideal individual study plan.

First semester

First semester is aimed mainly at the advancement of strategic competencies in managing and developing business. The emphasis is on creating a positive image and the importance of social responsibility as an instrument of development of a company. The module focused on European structural and investment funds deals with the possibilities of financing investments and other projects. The first semester accentuates the topic of business law, which in the current competitive environment is becoming increasingly important. Likewise, the internal stability of the financial environment is an important managerial tool which is covered in the first semester. That semester is closed by a thematic module focused on the issues of the public procurement.

Module title Module guarantor Duration (hours) Credits
Strategic management and corporate image assoc. professor PhDr. Peter Horváth, PhD.
assoc. professor Ing. Josef Kubík, CSc.
PhDr. Michal Lukač, PhD.
12 16
European Union and EU Funds assoc. professor RNDr. PhDr. Oldřich Hájek, Ph.D. 8 12
Business law Mgr. Roman Vaigel 12 16
Business finance assoc. professor Ing. Marie Paseková, Ph.D. 8 12
Public procurement Ing. Milan Škarka, Ph.D. MBA 12 16

Second semester

In the second semester, attention is first paid to issues of methodology of the dissertation. The students select and discuss the focus of their dissertation theses. Next, the focus shifts to managerial disciplines from various points of view. The modules include the field of human resources management or project management. These modules pay attention to the human resources development and development of competencies in project management in all the phases of the project cycle. While crisis management is a topic many a manager would like to avoid, the education in this regard may prove exceedingly useful. The specialized modules of the second semester are concluded by European Union law which strongly influences the business environment in Europe.

Module title Module guarantor Duration (hours) Credits
Dissertation thesis methodology Mgr. Jiří Novosák, Ph.D. 8 12
Human resources management Ing. Lenka Smékalová, Ph.D. 10 14
Project management Ing. Jana Nekolová
Ing. Filip Kučera
12 16
Management and crisis management assoc. professor Ing. Josef Kubík, CSc.
Ing. Milan Škarka, Ph.D. MBA
10 14
European Union law PhDr. Mgr. Petr Janíček 12 16